ALDI store open in Sevierville


I have never been in an Aldi store so I took off after work and went there yesterday, opening day. Boy, was it crowded! Lots of people had the same idea on the grand opening day.


I had a quarter ready because I had heard that you used them to get a cart, then got the quarter back when you returned the cart. Thus, reducing a need for employees constantly returning carts. However, for grand opening week, they have quarters in the carts for your shopping convenience. A grace period for carts free of charge.


A great first impression! And just what some of us can use after work—a sample of chocolate! The prices were very good for organic dark chocolate bars.


I liked the German foods and am getting into the mood for fall. Octoberfest on the way.


Lots of unique vino brands.


Good prices on produce. Here is an example.


I can only find a hummus quartet at Costco or Trader Joes, so I’ll definitely go back for this.


And this too.


This is popular on grand opening day.

For my friend Leisa. Strudel!


Some interesting desserts in the cooler.


Restrooms by the front door. Be warned—it is a single. Just so you know.

I enjoyed seeing the store and will go back when the crowds go down. It was so crowded yesterday that I returned my cart so I could just walk freely without it. Aldi brings some unique products to Sevierville. There is even more to see.

There will be more pictures posted on the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page today.



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