Barbara Tenney’s Savory Appetizers Demo—Just in Time for the Holidays at KaTom

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Last Saturday, I made it just in time for Barbara Tenney’s savory appetizer demo at KaTom. The recipes were so quick and easy that I would consider trying to make them in the future. Here is a quick photo review.


First, I watched Barbara prepare the rosemary roasted cashews.


Fresh rosemary is essential for this appetizer.

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You will use most of a container of cashews. We buy this container at Costco or Sam’s Club and they are fabulous!


The recipe is very easy: mix, stir, and bake. The aroma invited all KaTom customers to come over to the kitchen area.


It is one of the easiest appetizers to prepare for the holidays—or anytime.


Next, it was time to see the demo for parmesan and thyme crackers.

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Chill the dough first. The secret is to use White Lily flour. That is always the best choice.

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The directions are as simple as mix, roll, chill, cut, and bake. Voila!

The crackers do not ‘rise’ as a biscuit or roll; rather, they become warm and fragrant. I was surprised how light and tasty the crackers turned out and tried a couple more to make sure. So good!

KaTom has one more holiday demo this Saturday when Barbara Tenney will prepare New Year’s appetizers: overnight marinated shrimp and cheddar-stuffed mushrooms. One could easily envision those treats served on an elegant tray at a party so that will be a nice end to this holiday series. The demo starts at 11:00 so save me a seat at the counter!

Truffles in the making! Barbara Tenney at KaTom.

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I had always thought that candy truffles were difficult to make—but I was wrong. The cooking demo at KaTom on Saturday proved that they could be one of the more easy holiday candies. Even better, you can make a variety of flavors. Here is how it went…


First, there was some excitement due to an incoming weather system and the possibility of snow, a holiday surprise to come later on Sunday evening.

We looked up truffle prices online and found that this candy can be quite pricey.


Consequently, it can be a good idea to make your own truffles.


The recipe is straightforward and not too difficult.


We approve of this ingredient!


Necessary if you want the best truffles possible.


I arrived at the best part—scraping the chocolate mix to create the individual candies.


Line up the candies on parchment paper before applying the coating.


We also enjoy this ingredient.


Time for a coffee break!


Yes, they were wonderful with such rich flavor.


Some of us volunteered to help with the coatings: powdered sugar, cocoa, or pecans.


Holiday ready!


I will say that the first bite transported me to another place. Divine!




We were invited to take some samples home from the truffles demonstration so this was my reward for the drive out to KaTom. They will keep in the fridge for weeks.


Barbara had a young fan in attendance who really enjoys cooking. I predict that Lillie may be on the Food Network some day. We enjoyed spending the session with her and her grandmother. These demos are great for children who enjoy cooking and food preparation.


Always get your picture with the cook!

Look out for next week…


The demo will be homemade caramels! Save me a place at the counter!

Barbara Tenney Christmas Appetizer Demo Tomorrow at KaTom (It is free!)

Barbara Tenney will be creating Christmas appetizers in the KaTom kitchen tomorrow from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. She will show you how to create a few special appetizers, give you a copy of the recipe, and probably let you sample them. This is all free tomorrow at KaTom. Just walk in and sit at the kitchen counter to see some holiday goodies. I went to her presentation two weeks ago. This is what it was like…


Barbara Tenney is a well known cook/caterer/instructor in East Tennessee, especially the Knoxville area. She has done cooking demonstrations for years at Williams Sonoma at West Town Mall, and more recently, Butler and Bailey in the Rocky Hill area of West Knoxville. She is frequently featured on WBIR cooking segments and did the Thanksgiving Day turkey demo last year. She has quite a following and we love to attend her classes when we can.


Two weeks ago, I walked into the KaTom Chef Supplies store and was thrilled to find an open area at the counter. Barbara has a distinct fashion sense and fun to chat with. She told me that she was very busy Thanksgiving Day catering a special dinner in Knoxville. Wish that I could have been there!

She offered two holiday treats a couple of weeks ago: Mexican Mocha mix and Mexican Snack Mix. I include the recipes below because they were wonderful!




I ended up buying a canister of this in preparation for snow days ahead.


I got to go behind the counter and get a closer view. May I point out the beautiful countertops with a shiny silver component.


Here is a better view of the countertops. So nice!

Let me say that the Mexican Mocha was fabulous, with just a little spice. It will be my preferred chocolate drink this winter. Barbara poured a sample into a Christmas gift bag to take home. It would be easy to make as a homemade gift to friends and family as well. Loved the packaging!


The Mexican Snack Mix was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Loved it, but will have to keep my distance. Like Chex Mix, you could really eat a lot of it before you know it.


Here is view from the inside of the bag. Jump in!


And the gift bag was ready to go home. Voila!

If you click this link to the KaTom Facebook page then you can see their video of Barbara Tenney making spiced pecans for their Twelve Days of Christmas ideas.

I am not sure which appetizers that Barbara Tenney will be making tomorrow at KaTom, but I don’t care—it is Barbara Tenny! She is amazing and we are lucky to have her visiting us so close to home so we don’t have to fight the Knoxville traffic. She is quite the treasure. It is a great way to getĀ out and about in SeviervilleĀ tomorrow. Plus, a way to get some new ideas for Christmas treats.

Save me a space at the counter!